South Asian Canadians Census

South Asian Canadians Census

South Asian Canadians Census, as of 2021: 7,013,835 people in Canada reported having Asian origins, representing 19.3% of the population.

The Asian-Canadian population in Canada is sizable and diverse. In 2021, South Asian and Chinese individuals accounted for over a tenth of the population, with 7.1% and 4.7% percentages, respectively. Other Asian communities collectively constituted 5.6%.

Various Asian groups experienced growth in each census, with South Asian and Filipino populations seeing the most significant increases from 2016 to 2021—647,000 and 177,000 people, respectively. The Japanese community had the lowest growth, adding 6,000 individuals.

Future projections suggest continued growth, with the South Asian group possibly surpassing 5 million by 2041, the Chinese population exceeding 3 million, and the Filipino population reaching over 2 million.

Beyond numbers, the narrative underscores the vital contributions of this diverse community to Canadian life. Asian Heritage Month celebrates the richness and vibrancy that individuals of Asian descent bring to cultural, social, economic, and other dimensions. It emphasizes recognizing and appreciating their multifaceted contributions to shaping Canada’s identity and dynamism.

Month of MAY

May is Asian Heritage Month in Canada. It’s a time for all Canadians to reflect on the achievements of those with Asian heritage. This celebration dates back to the 1990s, gaining official recognition in 2002 when the Canadian government declared May as Asian Heritage Month. It highlights the diverse narratives and impactful contributions of the Asian-Canadian community, shaping the nation’s cultural fabric.


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