Our industry affiliations as a multicultural marketing agency in Toronto are listed here.  There are a few Ethnic Advertising Agencies in Canada, and selecting one for your needs can rely on the agency’s community network. Multicultural marketing agencies in Toronto play a part in effective communications with the community. 

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Interesting abstract from the Harvard Business Review
The Science Behind Six Degrees

People think that successful products are somehow destined to succeed because of some intrinsic features that create and sustain demand. But network science suggests there’s more to the picture. The market for a successful product should not be thought of as existing in some latent state before the product launch, waiting for the product to arrive. Instead, it arises dynamically, driven in large part by the growing success of the product itself. In economics, this phenomenon is known as an information cascade: a social chain reaction in which increasing numbers of people buy a product principally because other people are buying it.

One objective of network science is to explain the mechanics of how these self-perpetuating markets form. We’re finding that the structure of the networks is probably much more important than anyone thought in influencing the dispersion of ideas or behaviors.