Ethnocultural advertising is not merely advertising that carries the ethnic color face. Our years of community relations and research specialize in predicting with province what works in our community. We design innovative and versatile marketing tools considering your company’s corporate identity, branding, and culture that are industry or niche market-specific. Then, develop corporate images, capabilities brochures, web sites, and print ad campaign packages for you.

Online Marketing & SEO

South Asians are not-only computer whiz but also internet savvy. More and more families access the internet to surf the net, communicate via emails and other social networking portals like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Yahoo Groups, including consistent name search and registration. At MUKTA, we provide innovative strategies to communicate effectively with our community using these networking portals and support SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Event Management

Canada celebrates a series of cultural events throughout the year. Our expertise is to produce, direct and recommend activities, participate and execute all the grass-root marketing needs, including booth set-up, banners, billboards, press kits, trade show displays, presentation materials but not limited-to. We can also customize theme parties and “on-the-street” theatrical promos for you.

Public & Media Relations

To retain your corporate brand, we connect you with the influential leaders within our South Asian community. Our forte is to help you establish two-way communication with the community to ensure public input into the decision-making process related to their purchases. With our broad range of South Asian media knowledge, we affiant media attention in diverse ways and provide client-related information and refer industry-specific details.

Focus Groups

To seek for the appropriate audience, we collaborate with our clients to determine specific parameters of research. We ensure that your brand is ‘tested’ by the South Asians, and we organize intensive sessions of consumer interaction from time-to-time, to retain brand loyalty.


We can provide direct mail, flyer distributions, international consulting, translation, and voice-over services in several languages of South Asia.