About Us

Our Company

Since 2002, MUKTA specializes in ethnic advertising, multicultural marketing services and events management. We are an international agency in the most fundamental way: by being local in many places. We are a small shop with big ideas.

Headquartered in Canada, MUKTA is a full-service multicultural advertising and marketing agency focusing on a South Asian Canadian audience. According to Statscan.gc.ca, according to the 2016 Census, 1,924,635 people reported being South Asian, representing one-quarter (25.1%) of the visible minority population and 5.6% of the entire Canadian population. With our years of network, we help your business grow with our grassroots marketing strategies not only in Canada but also in United States. We leverage campaign optimization using your client data to create effective graphic visualization for marketing and presentations. We assist in conducting focus groups with various ethnicity and demographics for your market research.

We conduct press conferences for your new product launch, attend trade-shows as a spokesperson and accurately participate in Q&A regarding organization services. Our expertise include online-marketing utilizing social-media and professional networks. We produce advertising content for TV, Print, Digital and Social Media portals with corporate standards. Allow us to plan and execute your outreach strategy for measuring deliverable and demographics. MUKTA Advertising is a leading Multicultural Advertising and Marketing Agency in Canada, your one-stop-shop for community relations.

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Our Mission

At MUKTA we focus on multicultural marketing that is not merely for appearances-sake, to be politically correct, or solely for corporations to achieve the public perception of progressive thinking. Rather, our strategies demonstrate the final product; incremental business growth for our clients.

Our Vision

We believe multicultural marketing offers the opportunity to communicate with under-served segments in the marketplace and, thereby, realize unattended consumer value.

Our Motto

“Where quality comes second, only to honesty”